Creating interactive wireframes using Keystone

keystone-logoThis past week I was onsite with a client to review their site requirements and visual designs that had been created. My biggest focus was to try to determine how much additional effort would be required beyond what we could accomplish by implementing Keystone out of the box.

Having talked through the wireframes and designs, we had a fairly good idea of what the client was looking for from a front-end experience. Now it was time to try to use Keystone for a new use: interactive wireframes!

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Making it Work: Specialists on an Agile Team

ScrumIn some lines of business, such as consulting, the organizational business goals require a certain amount of specialization in order to deliver to clients efficiently and with high quality. These organizations also typically bill by the hour, meaning downtime is a serious cost to the business. This can be difficult in an agile development model as these specialists often create silos of knowledge. Also, these specialists often get pulled in many directions and their availability is not always predictable.

How do you make it work with a typical Scrum-like agile team?

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Visual Studio Online: Project Renames and Fields on Cards

VSOI was not surprised that a lot of news came out from Microsoft this past week during their Build event, but some of the changes announced specifically for Visual Studio Online (VSO) were very nice. The first announcement brought us the much sought-after team project renames. The second announcement was the news that there are new options for manipulating your cards on the board, including features such as filtering and specifying fields to display on the card.

These announcements did not generate the same level of excitement to the community as a whole like the announcements for Visual Studio Code for Mac OS and Linux, or the HoloLens, but since I won’t have the chance to use either of those any time soon, the VSO news is far more interesting to this guy right here. :) Read more of this post

Previewing as a selected user in Sitecore

Sitecore 122Following up on the initial module release of the Sitecore Authenticated Preview module, I have now released version 1.1 for download. In this new version, authors can preview what a page would look like to a specific user by selecting an account on the Experience ribbon.

No more guessing as to whether your security settings or DMS personization will trigger correctly!

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Sitecore 8 Upgrades: ‘Cannot read configuration file because it exceeds the maximum file size’

Sitecore 122A warning to others upgrading to Sitecore 8: you may run out of Web.config space!

Recently, I’ve been spending my time working on upgrading a site to Sitecore 8 and I encountered the dreaded 250KB limitation for the Web.config file. For security reasons, IIS will throw the “Cannot read configuration file because it exceeds the maximum file size” error if a single .config file exceeds 250KB.

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4 metrics to measure DevOps improvements

ScrumThis week I wrote on the Nonlinear Digital blog a piece on DevOps metrics. The goal was to give organization’s 4 easy metrics that they can track to see whether or not the changes they are making to their tools and processes are improving their overall flow through development and operations teams.

Unfortunately, I find we often don’t take the time to measure our delivery flow and therefore have no idea whether the changes we are making are helping or hurting us.

Have a read and let me know what you think!

Using TDS with Visual Studio Online build server

HedgehogRecently I needed to get builds running in Visual Studio Online (VSO) that contained Team Development for Sitecore (TDS) projects. Since I cannot install the TDS software on the VSO build server, I needed another way to get these projects to compile with a VSO build definition.

The following blog post has very detailed instructions on how to change your TDS project to use Hedgehog DLLs and a license file within your source control and helped immensely:


The referenced post indicates that you should update a file named TDSLicence.config in order to provide your TDS licence key. This file does not exist by default, so you will need to create it. The file name is important! I accidentally created the file with the American spelling ‘TDSLicense.config’ and the build server was unable to validate the file. Hedgehog support helped me out by pointing out my typo, but also explained that version 5.1 and up will support both spelling variations.


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