Using an authenticated preview in Sitecore

Sitecore 122Do you secure some of your website content from unauthenticated users? If so, you probably noticed that the default Preview mode isn’t working for you.

Since Sitecore’s preview mode executes as the anonymous user, your secured content becomes hidden from that user. As an author, you need to be able to see what your content looks like, while also testing the security. How do we address this?
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Setting organizational expectations when implementing Scrum

ScrumWhen a team first transitions to an agile delivery model, the team experiences challenges and frustration as they adopt a new way of thinking and new processes. Often times, teams are told that they are making the change to agile in order to deliver software faster and cheaper, but find that during the change it actually takes them longer to accomplish what they usually do.

Time to blame the new process, right?

Wrong. I’ll tell you why…

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TeamCity PowerShell scripts run with “- File” always return exit code zero

TeamCityAre you finding that your TeamCity Powershell scripts are always returning exit code zero (a success) no matter what happens? Even when an exception is thrown and you can see the error message in your build log?

I ran into this problem recently while moving some of my Powershell scripts into script files in source control. It turns out this is not an issue in TeamCity, but rather caused by a bug in Powershell itself. Never fear, there is a workaround!
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Keystone: Adding an MVC view to an existing component

keystone-logoSome Keystone components, like the Accordion and Tabs components, have multiple views. This allows developers to have a different markup for different states. For example, you can present a Page Editor view or a specific view if certain pieces of data are missing. Use the following steps to extend Keystone components to add your own MVC view.

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Styling WFFM required fields on submit

Sitecore 122Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) does many things well, but some of the required field styling is a little on the clunky side. For example, if a required field is not filled out by a user, on submit WFFM will display a validation summary at the top of the form with errors for the user to indicate which fields were not filled out.  WFFM will also tag the ‘required’ character next to the field (an asterisk) with a class named ‘scfValidatorRequired’.

However, the input field that the user did not fill out is not decorated in any way. This means there is no CSS class on the field that you can target directly for styling. A user scanning the form may not immediately see where the error is. I wanted to highlight these fields so that the user could quickly find them and below I’ll show you how to do that.
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Moving day always brings out the agile practitioner in me

ScrumMost of us have had to move ourselves at least once in our lives. We think we have it all planned out, but the true test is when the movers show up (or your friends who were lucky enough to show up and provide free labour). I got to be one of the lucky ones this weekend and I couldn’t help noticing that everything was running exactly like a new team trying to work in an agile development process.

Then again, maybe I’m just starting to see sprints everywhere and need to take  a break from scrum. :)

In any case, this move had it all: impediments, timeboxed delivery, unknown backlog size, and a new group working together to determine their velocity.
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Visual Studio Online and Azure deployment

VSOThis past Tuesday I attended a Webinar led by ALM Ranger and Microsoft MVP Esteban Garcia (@EstebanFGarcia). The topic? Azure and Visual Studio Online (VSO), specifically around deployments (or so I thought). There was more content in this session than I expected to get, that’s for sure!

My primary goal in attending the session was to get a better picture of how deployments worked from VSO code repositories into the Azure cloud, but as a bonus there was also coverage of VSO load testing functionality, as well as Application Insights. Read more of this post


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